Staking for private houses, approximately 40 buildings in total

Construction of the street of Reidi tee

Jõhvi–Kukruse section of Tallinn–Narva Highway

Turba Railway Station

Ardu–Võõbu section of Tallinn–Tartu Highway

Tallinn–Rapla Railway

Sillamäe Interchange

Drone inspection of high-voltage power lines

Construction of the Kopli Tramway

Haven Kakumäe

Surveying of Enefit’s mine railways

Construction of the Tallinn–Paldiski Railway

Surveying of Liiva Railway Station

Tram depot surveying

Scanning of Tallinn’s central street

Scanning of Tallinn-Väike Railway Station

Reconstruction of the Tallinn–Paldiski Railway

Reconstruction of the Tallinn–Rapla Railway

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